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Used for cultivating microbial cell, seed germination, seed testing, and the cultivation of plants, insects and small animals breeding. It can accurately simulate different ...
TY-A type swing of level decolorization shaker, is mainly used for electrophoresis separation of bands of fixed, coomassie blue staining and discoloration of oscillation when the ...
Min. Order: 20
Our HY-B uses high-power DC motor drive, coupled with sophisticated electronic timing circuit
Designed according to customer′s demand with stainless steel spring clamps or a ...
Min. Order: 20
Name: Horizontal multi-purpose shaker

Model: HY-B2

Technical Parameters: Technical parameters:
Amplitude: 20mm
Oscillation speed: Start-300rpm, stepless speed ...
Min. Order: 20
Name: Penicillin shaker

Model: ZW-B

The penicillin oscillator is widely used in hospitals, sanitation and epidemic prevention, and other units of the laboratory, mainly used ...
Min. Order: 20
Product name: UV disinfection

Model: ZXC

Power: 2X30W

Tube angle adjustment: 0-180°

Ultraviolet wavelength: 253.7nm

Time range: 0-60min

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Name: Low speed centrifuge
Model: 80-2B
Speed range: Starting~4000rpm, step-less adjusted speed, pointer shows speed
Capacity: 20ml*12
Max. RCF: 2325*g
Time range: 0-30min ...
Min. Order: 30 Pieces
Product name: Digital display mould incubator

Model: MJ160 MJ250

It applies to environment protection, hygiena and anti-epidemic, pharmaceutical test, workstock and aquatic ...
Produce Name: Desktop electric boiling sterilizer

Model YXF420
Power supply 220± 10%, 50Hz-60Hz
Rated power 1.5KVA
Time range 0-120min

This boiling sterilizer is ...
Name:Double speed measuring multi-purpose shaker
Model HY-6
Speed range start up-250rpm
Amplitude 20min
Oscillation level or orbital style

Double-speed multi-purpose ...
Min. Order: 20
Digital speed oscillator is we solicit the views of users, on the base of HY-4 multi-speed oscillator innovation and improvement.Providing an advanced laboratory tool for major ...
Min. Order: 20
Special device to cultivate and bacteria under the condition of no oxygen. It not only can cultivate anaerobic organisms which are the most difficult to grow, but also can avoid ...
HY-3 multi-speed oscillator is we solicit the views of users, based on the HY-1, HY-2 oscillator innovation and improvement. Providing an advanced testing tool for major college, ...
Min. Order: 20
Product name: Friability tester

Model: FT-2000A

Reflect the tablet friability is an important indicator of the

Quality of tablet production, and it has a direct impact on ...
It adopts fine stainless steel, and its capacity is 18L. It applies to all health cares, laboratories, scientific research, food units. It includes coal-uring double type. There is ...
Product name: Water-jacket electrothermal incubator

It applies to the chemical industry, environmental protection, agriculture and other sectors of production, testing and ...
FOB Price: US $606.25 / Piece
Hot air dry heat Sterilizer using high temperature dry heat on micro-organisms are oxidation, protein denaturation, such as dielectric enrichment toxic effects, mainly through the ...
Product name: Digital display biochemical incubator

Model Number SPX-50B, SPX-80B, SPX-100B
Place of Origin Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Capacity1 50L
Capacity 2 80L
Capactity ...
Product name: Anaerobic incubator

It is a sepcial device to cultivate and operate bacteria under the condition of no oxygen. It not only can cultivate anaerobic organisms which ...
Name: Intelligent digital orbital shaker

Model: MS-1 (New product)

Intelligent digital oscillators are widely used in medium and large institutions, environmental protection, ...
Min. Order: 20
Product name: Hemoglobinometer

Model: WJX-1

Measure range: 0-240g/L

Linearity: ≤ 5%FS

Dilution: 1: 251

Detection time: ≤ 4S (Minimum suction volume)
Low speed centrifuge TDL-60C(with CE, ISO)

Microcomputer controlling, blushless motor, with electromagnetic lock, digital display speed and time, it can be used widely in ...
Min. Order: 20
Model: LC-412

Capacity: 12*20ml

Speed: Start up~4000rpm angle rotor

Display: LCD display speed and RCF, time

Time range: 0~99min

Once finished, the door will open ...
Min. Order: 5
The series of centrifuge frame is made of Steel plate, can be operated conveniently. It can be used to make qualitative analysis and biochemistry labs widely.
Min. Order: 5
Low speed centrifuge(80-2A)

It has steady performance. It has the characteristics of large capacity, low noise, low temperature rise, beautiful appearance. This centrifuge is ...
Min. Order: 20 Pieces
The sterilizer is rapid and reliable disinfection and sterilization equipment by the application of pressured and saturated steam. It applies to the medical cares, scientific ...
Vertical oscillator is an biochemical equipment on a variety of samples in the same conditions up and down oscillation and stir. Its the essential laboratory equipment of plants, ...
Min. Order: 20
Product name: CO2 incubator

It applies to cell biology, oncology, genetics, immunology, virus researcj cytology and modern genetic engineering and other fileds of research. It ...