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Used for cultivating microbial cell, seed germination, seed testing, and the cultivation of plants, insects and small animals breeding. It can accurately simulate different ...
Low speed centrifuge(80-2A)

It has steady performance. It has the characteristics of large capacity, low noise, low temperature rise, beautiful appearance. This centrifuge is ...
Min. Order: 20 Pieces
Our HY-B uses high-power DC motor drive, coupled with sophisticated electronic timing circuit
Designed according to customer′s demand with stainless steel spring clamps or a ...
Min. Order: 20
Name: Penicillin shaker

Model: ZW-B

The penicillin oscillator is widely used in hospitals, sanitation and epidemic prevention, and other units of the laboratory, mainly used ...
Min. Order: 20
Name: Horizontal multi-purpose shaker

Model: HY-B2

Technical Parameters: Technical parameters:
Amplitude: 20mm
Oscillation speed: Start-300rpm, stepless speed ...
Min. Order: 20
Product name: Digital display mould incubator

Model: MJ160 MJ250

It applies to environment protection, hygiena and anti-epidemic, pharmaceutical test, workstock and aquatic ...
Low speed centrifuge in medical (90-4)

With CE certificate

The frame of this instrument is made of high strength plastic. Its model is beautiful, and it has the advantages of ...
Min. Order: 20 Pieces
Product name: UV disinfection

Model: ZXC

Power: 2X30W

Tube angle adjustment: 0-180°

Ultraviolet wavelength: 253.7nm

Time range: 0-60min

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Name: Low speed centrifuge
Model: 80-2B
Speed range: Starting~4000rpm, step-less adjusted speed, pointer shows speed
Capacity: 20ml*12
Max. RCF: 2325*g
Time range: 0-30min ...
Min. Order: 30 Pieces
Name:Double speed measuring multi-purpose shaker
Model HY-6
Speed range start up-250rpm
Amplitude 20min
Oscillation level or orbital style

Double-speed multi-purpose ...
Min. Order: 20
Digital speed oscillator is we solicit the views of users, on the base of HY-4 multi-speed oscillator innovation and improvement.Providing an advanced laboratory tool for major ...
Min. Order: 20
Double-speed multi-purpose oscillator the upper used flask clips, the lower used spring clamps, to a multi-purpose machine functions, large bottling capacity.

It′s modern ...
Min. Order: 5
HY-3 multi-speed oscillator is we solicit the views of users, based on the HY-1, HY-2 oscillator innovation and improvement. Providing an advanced testing tool for major college, ...
Min. Order: 20
Name: Orbital Oscillator
Model: HY-5
Features: Good-looking appearance, big capacity, low noise, light weight, compact structure, etc

Technical Parameters:
1. Power Supply: ...
Min. Order: 20 Pieces
Low speed centrifuge(KA-1000)

The frame of this instrument is made of high strength plastic. Its model is beautiful, and it has the advantages of small cubage, low weight, large ...
Min. Order: 30 Pieces
Low speed centrifuge 80-2(with CE and ISO9001: 2000)

The series of centrifuge frame is made of Steel plate, can be operated conveniently, step adjust speed. It can be used to ...
Min. Order: 30 Pieces
Product name: Digital display biochemical incubator

Model Number SPX-50B, SPX-80B, SPX-100B
Place of Origin Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Capacity1 50L
Capacity 2 80L
Capactity ...
Product name: Anaerobic incubator

It is a sepcial device to cultivate and operate bacteria under the condition of no oxygen. It not only can cultivate anaerobic organisms which ...
Name: Intelligent digital orbital shaker

Model: MS-1 (New product)

Intelligent digital oscillators are widely used in medium and large institutions, environmental protection, ...
Min. Order: 20
Low speed centrifuge TDL-60C(with CE, ISO)

Microcomputer controlling, blushless motor, with electromagnetic lock, digital display speed and time, it can be used widely in ...
Min. Order: 20
Model: LC-412

Capacity: 12*20ml

Speed: Start up~4000rpm angle rotor

Display: LCD display speed and RCF, time

Time range: 0~99min

Once finished, the door will open ...
Min. Order: 5
The series of centrifuge frame is made of Steel plate, can be operated conveniently. It can be used to make qualitative analysis and biochemistry labs widely.
Min. Order: 5
Microhematocrit Centrifuge SH120(CE)

Microhematocrit Centrifuge is used for accurate determination of blood cell and also for precipitation and separation of little amount blood ...
Min. Order: 20
Vertical oscillator is an biochemical equipment on a variety of samples in the same conditions up and down oscillation and stir. Its the essential laboratory equipment of plants, ...
Min. Order: 20
TY-A type swing of level decolorization shaker, is mainly used for electrophoresis separation of bands of fixed, coomassie blue staining and discoloration of oscillation when the ...
Min. Order: 20
Model QB-9006
Temperature range RT-70° C≤ ± 0.5° C
Capacity 4PCS 96 holes microplate
Oscillator frequency 0-1450rpm, stepless adjust speed
Time range 0-120min ...
Min. Order: 20
Name: Low speed big capacity centrifuge

Model: LXG-A

Max. Speed: 4000rpm

Capacity: 50ml*6

Max. RCF: 2800*g

Power source: 220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz

Time range: 0~60min ...
Min. Order: 20 Pieces
Product name: CO2 incubator

It applies to cell biology, oncology, genetics, immunology, virus researcj cytology and modern genetic engineering and other fileds of research. It ...